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Guanacaste, a concentrate of Costa Rica

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The rainy season ends in November and coincides with the best time to visit this wonderful country. The Guanacaste region is my favorite. November, December and January are the months when the sun becomes predominant again and the vegetation is still lush, nourished by the tropical rains poured during these last weeks of intense rainfall.

The colors are breathtakingly contrasting and the temperatures are ideal for sports activities. The months of February to April will delight those who love heat. It does not rain and the landscape changes colors. Little by little the trees turn brown, lose their leaves and the forest becomes less dense. The plains turn into arid zones and the rivers dry up. This is the best time to observe wildlife. Indeed, the trees let pass the light and it is easier to spot the animals which take refuge there. Finally comes the month of May. The nature is totally burned by the hot winds of earth which blow since 3 months.

The first precipitations point the end of their nose. The trees, in a few days find colors and the temperature begins to drop a little. Coming from more northern countries, travelers can't imagine how much rain is expected by the locals. The rains will intensify little by little and the temperatures will remain below 30°c. The vegetation will regain its rights, the water tables and the rivers will fill up again and the animals' food will become abundant again. These rains will intensify until October which is the wettest month of the calendar. The rainy season is nevertheless very pleasant in Guanacaste. Indeed, when we talk about rain here, it is mostly tropical showers in the late afternoon or night thunderstorms. The mornings are sunny and favorable to outdoor activities.

For short trips, Guanacaste is a concentrate of Costa Rica that you can visit at any time of the year. Its famous surfing beaches, its protected bays suitable for nautical activities, its volcanoes, its rivers and its forests will make you appreciate all the aspects of Costa Rica.

From Playas del Coco you will embark on a day of sport fishing or a

snorkeling safari in the Murcielagos. A dive with manta rays around the Catalinas Islands will leave you with unforgettable vacation memories. The Gulf of Papagayo in the northwest of Guanacaste will amaze you with its wild coasts, its islands full of sea birds, its protected bays and its multitude of deserted beaches where howler monkeys, capuchins, coatis, iguanas and other endemic species share this almost untouched space. You will explore estuaries lined with mangroves and inhabited by the famous saltwater crocodile that is not uncommon to meet at low tide.

Guanacaste also has extinct or very active volcanoes and their thermal waters, Guanacaste offers us a great variety of dry or humid tropical forests and its lot of animal species. The playground is ideal for mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking.

For a full vacation without spending too much time in travel, to make the most of your time and focus on the essential, for a real immersion without driving hundreds of kilometers, the formula of a base camp in Guanacate around Playas del Coco, is ideal.

Arrange your activities in the morning for a return to the beach after each excursion and enjoy the beautiful sunsets on the Pacific Ocean by your pool or on the beach of your choice after your days of activities.

A wide range of accommodations from RB&Bs, hostels, luxury hotels, boutique hotels and luxury villas are available around Playas del Coco, Playa Ocotal, Playa Hermosa, Playa Panama, Peninsula de Papagayo. There are solutions for every type of traveler. From all-inclusive packages, to accommodations nestled in a corner of the forest or on the beach, to charming boutique hotels or simply on board a fully-equipped van, you will find the residence that suits you in Guanacaste.

Excursions and tours not to be missed at less than 2 hours drive from Playas Del Coco:

A day trip around the Rincon de la Vieja volcano at Hacienda Guachipelin

Marshes and Tempisque River in Palo Verde: El Viejo Wetlands

Sea outings and water activities with Wally Pacific Excursions. Diving, snorkeling safari in the "Murcielagos" Islands, diving around the Catalinas Islands, surfing on the wave of Ollie's point or Witch's rock, coastal fishing, sport fishing in the Gulf of Papagayo

Hiking on electric mountain bikes, on foot or on horseback

A day in the cocoa plantations in Bijagua

Discovery of the Rio Celeste at the foot of the Tenorio volcano

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